Selling value-added products can be profitable for farmers.

SHAMBA Local Texas HoneyValue Added Products

Selling value-added products can be profitable for farmers and can also get complicated. The Texas Center for Local Food is working with our partners to develop this page and other resources to guide you through the process. Farmers and other food entrepreneurs can make some processed foods in their home or on-farm kitchens under the Texas Cottage Food Law.  Many products require use of a commercial kitchen.

This page will be developed more extensively during 2017.  If you have ideas, please write to us at

Our goals are to help farmers increase their net income and increase the number of quality rural jobs.

Local Food Resources

Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center - Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.  Incredible facility built to keep money for processing Oklahoma agricultural products in Oklahoma.  Their talented staff help value-added businesses from small to huge.  We are proud to be their partner!

Dr. Timothy Bowser, on staff at the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center, has free SOLAR DEHYDRATOR plans available.  You can download his pdf here for free.

The Starting Block - West Michigan regional kitchen incubator located in Hart, MI.  Great folks working hard to keep their rural economy alive and well through local food production.  Eager to help others with affordable consulting rates.

MORE to come in 2017!  Know of a great kitchen incubator?  Let us know at

The City of Austin's food systems work is the best in the state.  Their site has an excellent list of reports about Austin and central Texas.

The National Center for Appropriate Technology has a Texas office full of talented people to support food systems work.  Call on them!

Opportunities Rise for Food Processing in Michigan summarizes the economic development work in Michigan around local food processing. (Crain's Detroit Business August 8, 2016)

Vermont Food Venture Center - food business incubator serving food entrepreneurs and farmers (Hardwock, VT).  Read more about Hardwick in the book "The Town That Food Saved" (link to Amazon or buy at your Texas indpendent bookseller)

Local Farms, Local Kids video shows Montana processing local farmers' crops to feed children through Farm-to-School.  Terrific video overview.

Dehydrators  - (i)  Information doc (PDF 17MB) includes DIY and commercial dehydrators from Food Mech LLC developed by our partners Dr. Tim Bowser and Dr. Rodney Holcomb of the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center at Oklahoma State University.  [developed with the National Center for Appropriate Technology with partial funding from Southern SARE as supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under award number RD309-129/S000753.]   (ii) Solar Dehy from Indiana (startup in 2016)  (iii) More science-tested dehydrators to be added!