Farmers and Ranchers: Here is a list of software for taking pre-orders online and either delivering or having your customers pickup at the market or another location. Some of this software is pretty good and some is not great at all. Check reviews and be clear about what your farm business needs. Please add comments below to share information.

SnackShare – delivers CSAs for GreenGate Farms and New Leaf Farm (both near Austin). Delivers to selected Austin zip codes only as of March 2020.

Local Food Marketplace

Open Food Network


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  1. This from Hohns Acres Farmstead near Austin TX

    Hi Susan, We are currently use WordPress for our website with a plugin called WooCommerce for our Farm Store. It’s not the most intuitive system if you haven’t built website before — it’s definitely not a drag and drop type of system. Since I have a little bit of experience with it, we find it easiest to use since we don’t have to pay for it as a separate service. Also since we have meat items that are variable prices due to weight, we don’t use the parts for collecting payment. That’s how it works well as a pre-ordering type system — everything is set as a Cash on Delivery type of payment as people order then once we pull orders we send invoices via Square. Maybe this helps? 🙂



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