We at TCLF understand the importance of supporting the Texas food system. This means ensuring the economic vitality of local producers and promoting the entities that help them sell their products. With the Fresh Look at your Farmers Market program or SNAP Fresh Look, we are taking a strategic approach to increase SNAP sales of local producers at farmers markets across Texas. In the past, Texas SNAP sales at farmers markets have been astronomically low and we are working hard to change that.

Our efforts include:

  • Partnering with farmers markets that already accept SNAP and those that are working towards accepting SNAP. We provide them with one-on-one technical assistance to increase SNAP sales at their markets and help transition them to become SNAP authorized.
  • Developing regional marketing campaigns with support from Texas-Mexico Border Coalition and Grow North Texas. Our goal is to generate more awareness about farmers markets that currently accept SNAP and promote fresh fruits and vegetables by Texas producers to SNAP users.
  • Creating educational online TXFED.org courses focused on SNAP at farmers markets. These courses offer insight from fellow farmers market organizers about how to broaden their consumer base and start the process of accepting SNAP.

To stay up to date on the Fresh Look at the Farmers Market program, check out our new SNAP at Farmers Markets/SNAP Mercado de Agricultores webpages. Here you will find links to our SNAP Fresh Look farmers market partners, resources for SNAP recipients and farmers market affiliates, and information about joining the SNAP Fresh Look program. 

Here are some recent social media posts welcoming our SNAP Fresh Look partners!

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