Our first produce delivery under Elgin’s USDA Farm-to-School grant was completed on May 9th by Bekki Calloway of Skinny Lane Farm.  Clearing the paperwork hurdle to become an official vendor for the Elgin ISD kitchen taken care of – she provided 60 lbs of carrots and onions making sure to include her funniest-looking ones! 

The kids had a blast sorting through her produce.  Many students began chomping on the fresh carrots, and many wanted to take a carrot with them “for later” so throughout the day, students could be seen in the halls with fluffy carrot greens sticking out of their back pockets.  

Even the administration got in on the super crunchy action, with the entire school board munching fresh local carrots at a recent meeting. 

We will soon have more farms registered to participate in our farm-to-school operation and we hope to incorporate more and more local foods into our schools every year.  We consider the students’ enthusiasm to be a fabulous omen for our continuing work.  

Here’s (left to right) Bekki Callaway of Skinny Lane Farm, Elizabeth Guajardo the EISD Child Nutrition Director, and Lupita Martin the EISD Farm to School Project Manager getting in on the carrot action.

happy school district child nutrition employees and local farmer holding carrots

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