from the Harvard Business Review, Dec 3, 2020 so perhaps we can forgive their ridiculous overuse of undefined acronyms. Accountants changing practices to support sustainability. Seems to me this could create a sea change.. but how long will it take? How standardized will it be. How transparent? Much to do here but seems like the […]

by Carolina Mueller The Texas Center for Local Food invited Carolina Mueller to share her impressions of the training in support of our collective work to create anti-racist food systems in Texas. We are grateful for her willingness to share. Carolina is a food systems practitioner, part-time farmer and full-time graduate student at the LBJ […]

Farmer Market Managers Highlights (full report is here) In 2019, Farmers Market Managers operated 8,140 farmers markets. The largest number of markets operated during June through September. The month of July was the highest month of operation, followed closely by August, with 71.9 percent and 71.8 percent, respectively. Twenty-one percent of the markets operated year […]

Do you see an important gap in the sustainable agriculture information available today? Do you know of information from SARE-funded research or education projects that could help fill this gap if it were widely available in an easy-to-use information product? If so,¬†SARE wants to hear from you! [SARE is Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education]. Please […]