TXFED.org – Texas Food Education & Discovery Network

TXFED.org is a statewide collaborative that has created a peer-to-peer online training platform full of great resources for farmers, market organizers, and consumers. These courses are free or low cost. Enroll in a course at TXFED.org today!

Learn more about the growth of TXFED.org in our Year 2 Report.

TXFED aims to:

  1. Create a sustainable statewide collaborative providing a single source of consistent, reliable, high-quality peer-to-peer training and technical assistance.
  2. Develop an online training system accessible via any device both asynchronous (on demand) and synchronously (live in real time), with classes available in English and Spanish.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Texas Center for Local Food is committed to upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work. TXFED.org seeks to deliver enriching educational experiences and connect with an audience that reflects of our diverse Texas local food system. We believe every member of our food system deserves equal opportunity to learn and share their experience.

TCLF staff and statewide TXFED.org collaborators are honored to amplify the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and other historically underserved members of our food system. TXFED.org is a platform to share knowledge and resources as we collectively grow a more equitable regional food system. Just like our food crops, our projects and courses thrive when we embrace diversity.

We appreciate and actively solicit feedback on improving the TXFED platform, course content, and user experience. We analyze course evaluation responses when we review courses. Anyone can share feedback to AskMe@TexasLocalFood.org at anytime.

  • All courses have at least 30% Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) represented in the content.

  • All courses have English Closed Captions and Spanish subtitles. 

  • All downloadable activities are available in Word Document and are screen-reader friendly and accessible

  • Coupon codes are available upon request – email AskMe@TexasLocalFood.org 

TXFED.org is now offering co-branded portals for organizations to bundle courses for their members. Email AskMe@TexasLocalFood.org if you’re interested in utilizing TXFED.org to offer learning opportunities to your community!

A future stage of TXFED.org is to offer community members the opportunity to create their own courses under the TXFED process and platform with support from TCLF staff. Do you have knowledge and experience in the field of food to share? Let’s work together – contact us here!

Donate to TXFED.org to help keep our courses accessible and support future course development at TexasLocalFood.org/Donate