The Elgin school district (Elgin ISD) is one of only a dozen districts to receive recognition for ground-breaking programs in a special edition of Texas School Business magazine.  This article highlights this outstanding recognition of Elgin ISD’s Farm-to-School program by the Texas Association of School Administrators.  

Partnership with the City of Elgin is key to this success.  As Drs. Duron and Perez point out in the article, the Elgin ISD Farm-to-School program is not just a stand alone program.  Rather it is a key part of Elgin’s collaborative approach to building a strong local economy and healthy populace based on a local food and agriculture.  Our planned Elgin Local Food Center (ELF) will provide the teaching kitchen to teach students and their families about buying and preparing locally grown healthy food.  The ELF is an integral part of bringing lessons learned at school into Elgin homes, while creating jobs in our community.  

Here is the article in the Texas School Business magazine (pg 12-14).

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