Farm-to-Kids Texas Single Grades: 5th Grade

5th Grade Lesson Overview

LessonScience TEKSMain IdeaObjectives


ActivitiesLocal Food FocusMake ItTaste It
1-Seasonality8AAn area’s climate determines the food that grows in that area.Determine which foods grow during fall, winter, and spring.Seasonality wheelRaw seasonal vegetables


Chopped SaladChopped Salad
2-Fresh Food Nutrition3BEating a variety of naturally colored food helps your body stay healthy.Analyze nutritional labels for important information.Nutritional Label ComparisonColorful vegetablesRainbow SaladRainbow Salad
3-Goat Adaptations10AGoats have adaptations that help them to survive.SWBAT describe traits that help a goat survive as a prey animal.Comparing cow and goat milkDairy goat productsGoat cheese & jam crackersGoat cheese and milk
4-Chicken Adaptations10AChickens have adaptations that help them to survive.SWBAT explore chicken genetics and describe the life cycle of a chicken.Chicken Breed Matching


EggsDeviled EggsDeviled Eggs
5-Selective Breeding10BFarm animals have inherited traits and learned behaviors.SWBAT describe the difference between an inherited trait and a learned behavior.Animal Domestication videoVegetablesSeasonal stir frySeasonal stir fry
6-Optional Lesson: Farm Food Chains9AFarm animals need both living and non-living elements to survive.SWBAT identify how farm animals interact with living and non-living elements.Farm Animal Inputs and OutputsEggs and hard root vegetablesVegetable pancakesVegetable pancakes

5th Grade Lesson Plan


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