Farm-to-Kids Texas Mixed K-2

Welcome to the Farm-To-Kids Texas K-2 Educational Module. This program contains six engaging lessons that use hands-on experience to teach students introductory concepts in biology while promoting healthy, local, seasonal eating. Each lesson covers a new topic in the biological sciences and ends with a recipe that the whole class can prepare and eat together. At the end of this educational module, students should know why plant products are useful to humans, be able to identify various plant parts and name their functions, and list the successional stages of a plant and animal life cycle.

Supply List for F2K Mixed K-2:

Supply List  (downloads as a Word doc)

K-2 Module Overview

Lesson Science TEKS Main Idea Objectives


Activities Local Food Focus Make It Taste It
1-Plant Products 7D Plants provide humans with food, clothing, shelter, and other essentials for living. SWBAT identify plant products and sort them into categories. Sorting Plant Products Fruit Green Smoothie Fresh fruit
2- Roots and Stems 10A Roots have a variety of tastes and textures. Explore differences in types of roots and peel root vegetables. Parts of a Plant Foldable Root Vegetables Peeling root vegetables Roasted Veggies
3-Leaves 10A Leaves can have a variety of tastes and textures. Identify the parts of a plant and their functions.

Chiffonade leaves.

Sorting Edible Plant Parts Greens Rainbow Salad Fresh vegetables
4- Seeds 10C Food can be preserved through pickling. The life cycle of a plant starts with a seed. Identify the parts of a seed embryo. Bean Dissection Beans Bean Salad Bean Salad
5-Plant Life Cycles 10C The life cycle of a plant includes seed, seedling, plant, flower, and fruit.


Identify parts of plant life cycle Life Cycle Sequence Botanical Fruits that we call Vegetables Sun Pickles Pickled veggies
6-Animal Babies 3B Farmers must address all the needs of animals on their farms. Farm animals have babies, live, and die on the farm, and the cycle is repeated. Identify parents and offspring of farm animals. Farm Life Cycle Cards Eggs Egg Salad Egg Salad


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