Farm-to-Kids Texas Single Grades: 5th Grade

5th Grade Lesson Overview

Lesson Science TEKS Main Idea Objectives


Activities Local Food Focus Make It Taste It
1-Seasonality 8A An area’s climate determines the food that grows in that area. Determine which foods grow during fall, winter, and spring. Seasonality wheel Raw seasonal vegetables


Chopped Salad Chopped Salad
2-Fresh Food Nutrition 3B Eating a variety of naturally colored food helps your body stay healthy. Analyze nutritional labels for important information. Nutritional Label Comparison Colorful vegetables Rainbow Salad Rainbow Salad
3-Goat Adaptations 10A Goats have adaptations that help them to survive. SWBAT describe traits that help a goat survive as a prey animal. Comparing cow and goat milk Dairy goat products Goat cheese & jam crackers Goat cheese and milk
4-Chicken Adaptations 10A Chickens have adaptations that help them to survive. SWBAT explore chicken genetics and describe the life cycle of a chicken. Chicken Breed Matching


Eggs Deviled Eggs Deviled Eggs
5-Selective Breeding 10B Farm animals have inherited traits and learned behaviors. SWBAT describe the difference between an inherited trait and a learned behavior. Animal Domestication video Vegetables Seasonal stir fry Seasonal stir fry
6-Optional Lesson: Farm Food Chains 9A Farm animals need both living and non-living elements to survive. SWBAT identify how farm animals interact with living and non-living elements. Farm Animal Inputs and Outputs Eggs and hard root vegetables Vegetable pancakes Vegetable pancakes

5th Grade Lesson Plan


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