A Fresh Look at Your Farmers Market

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SNAP Fresh Look

A Fresh Look at Your Farmers Market program supports farmers markets across Texas to sell more locally produced food to SNAP shoppers.


Our Farmers Market Specialists, along with Texas/Mexico Border Coalition and Grow North Texas, work with farmers markets across the state to increase the number of markets that accept the Lone Star Card/EBT and increase SNAP sales. Through partnering with community organizations, we connect with SNAP users to provide them information about their local farmers markets, share nutrition information, and work to alleviate barriers for them to access their farmers market. 

SNAP Facts:

(Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

  • In 2020, Texas gave $6 billion in SNAP payments
  • Only $188,000 was spent at farmers markets
  • Texas farmers markets rank 47th in SNAP sales nationwide

Based on these statistics, we have plenty of room to grow when reaching our community of SNAP users and boosting farmers market sales.



Let’s grow our Texas food system together!

Program Highlights

Check out our SNAP Fresh Look Partners…

June 2022, we reached 76,900 people who use SNAP in our regional marketing campaigns promoting SNAP-accepting farmers market in the DFW and RGV area.

September 2022, we launched our first state-wide campaign promoting SNAP at the following farmers markets…

  • Waco – every Saturday
  • Cowtown – every Saturday 
  • Coppell – every Saturday (+$30)
  • For Oak Cliff – 1st Saturday (+$10)
  • HOPE SFS / Farm Fest 
  • McAllen – every Saturday 
  • Bodega Loya – Fri, Sat, Sun 
  • Brownsville – every Saturday 

For farmers market volunteers, staff, organizers, vendors…

  1. Let us know you’re interested. Complete the form below.
  2. We will contact you with more details and a MOU.
  3. Return signed MOU
  4. The SNAP Fresh Look Partnership begins!
Add your zip code

Here are the expectations of the farmers markets and TCLF in the partnership. The MOU thoroughly explains the partnership and will be provided upon request.

We are offering this opportunity to support you at no extra cost! TCLF can maximize your efforts and minimize the amount of time you put into accepting SNAP and increasing sales.

For SNAP recipients and farmers market shoppers…


Here is our featured recipe video

Video from our SNAP Fresh Look partner Grow Local South Texas! For this video and more, visit their Cook Local video page https://www.growlocalsouthtexas.org/cooking-videos.


Would you like more information about using SNAP at farmers markets? Contact us today!

This material was funded by USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — SNAP.

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