Working and collaborating with different farmers markets across Texas and meeting different people means that we get to witness the amount of passion and resilience that fills our communities. We take a holistic approach to our work to support farmers markets. Our work emcompasses building relationships with farmers market organizers, connecting with vendors on our market visits, and learning a shopper’s perspective. As a Farmers Market Specialist, this is a very special part of my role.
Vendor and shopper having a good time at the Brownsville Farmers Market during one of our visits.
The program “A Fresh Look at Your Farmers Market” collaborates with a group of amazing individuals that are doing work to fortify our food systems. As our program grows so do our connections with different folks, and the insight that we get to learn from each Farmers Market is abundant. We also get to see the amazing outcomes of our collective work that always bring us joy. Every success that we have as “A Fresh Look at Your Farmers Market,” is a reflection of the collective hard work of our TCLF team, partnering farmers markets and organizations we collaborate with.
At TCLF, we value these connections and want to continue to uplift them. In light of Farmers Market week, we want to express our gratitude and celebrate every single farmer, farmers market organizer, volunteer, and all organizations that are working very hard to nourish our food system.
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  1. Love this! Happy National Farmers Market week to all!


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