As we finish up our Harvey Emergency Relief Fund work, here is an update on our accomplishments.  First let me say – Hooray to our partners and amazing donors!  We really kicked it and did a fabulous job.  It was the work of each of our partners, supporters and friends that brought in national attention and made our campaign a success!   The farmers are so grateful. 

Together we got this done and we helped a lot of farmers.  We hope you will remember these farmers as the new year begins and hold them in your hearts. as many continue to continue to work toward recovery.

Did you know that our fundraiser was supported by Acres U.S.A., Cascadian Farms, and Epic bars?  Plus support from the National Young Farmers Coalition, National Farmers Market Coalition, FarmShare Austin, Farmhouse Delivery, Grow North Texas, and the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance.   Please check out this radio interview featuring Four String Farm of Rockport:  interview with the Heritage Radio Network (a neat radio show that I hadn’t heard of before.)

We raised a total of $14,866 from 128 backers.  We had 26 applicants for the $500 grant.  We awarded 23 grants of $500 each for a total of $11,500.  Of the 3 we did not award, 1 was a duplicate, 1 is completely conventional farming, and the third never got back to us to confirm their income.  In addition to the $500 grants to 26 farms, we donated $1,000 to the Texas Farmers’ Market farmer emergency fund, paid $1,141 in credit card processing fees, and paid $446 to the Growers Alliance of Central Texas for fiscal sponsorship.  This leaves a balance of about $800 and we have reached out to the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardners Association to contribute to their long term Harvey relief work.
Partners:  Growers Alliance of Central Texas, Texas Farmers Markets, Sustainable Food Center, GROW Local South Texas, National Center for Appropriate Technology, Texas Organic Farmers and Gardners Association, Central Texas Young Farmers Coalition, and Barnraiser!

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