Reports and Presentations

  • 07/29/20 Texas Farms Veggie Project Report

    This report describes the Texas Farms Veggie Box program, our COVID-19 first response in Elgin, Texas to supply fresh vegetables from Texas farms to needy families plus those with means to buy them.

  • 08/12/19 Will Value-Added Processing Increase Your Profits?

    Want to create value-added products from your crops? This presentation helps farmers understand the things to consider for a most successful new business adventure.

  • 12/07/18 Beyond Fresh: Expanding Markets for Sustainable Value-Added Food Products in Texas

    This presentation discusses the Beyond Fresh Project created from the collaboration of the Texas Center for Local Food and the National Center for Appropriate Technology. Presentation given at the Texas Hispanic Farmers and Ranchers Conference in McAllen, Texas.

  • 09/12/18 Elgin Local Food Center: Jobs, New Businesses, Community, and Education

    A presentation regarding the creation of the Elgin Local Food Center. The presentation discusses the opportunities that the ELF would provide for the local community and how the ELF can facilitate growing, processing, and selling local food.

  • 09/01/18 Opportunities for Local Food Market Development in Central Texas

    This presentation provides an overview of how the Elgin Local Food Center can provide opportunities for local market development in the local food value chain, next steps in the ELF’s development, and how interested parties can get involved. Presentation delivered to the Good Food Purchasing Program- Austin Team.

  • 08/01/18 Summer 2018 Trip Report Presentation

    A presentation created by Sue Beckwith to provide an overview of her 2018 summer trip visiting organizations across the US working to improve the American food system, attending conferences, and enjoying the wonderful sites of the United States. Includes personal notes, observations.

  • 07/01/18 Food Value Chain Coordination Webinar

    This presentation covers multiple aspects of the food value chain, including inputs and outputs from potential collaborators, how to assess potential collaborators, and key items to consider in collaboration. Presentation delivered via webinar and in collaboration with the Wallace Center.

  • 03/06/18 Leadership in Local Food Presentation

    This presentation discusses the accomplishments of the TCLF and City of Elgin partnership and touches on how to develop local leaders from community members. The presentation also discusses the Elgin Local Food Center (ELF) a proposed rental commercial kitchen and business incubator. Presentation delivered to the Elgin City Council.

  • 03/01/18 Texas Rural Economic Development and Local Food

    This presentation discusses current TCLF projects, the importance of collaboration, and how jobs in local agricultural enterprises can support shared vested interest in the community and food system. Presentation delivered at the 2018 National Good Food Conference.