Martha Pincoffs


Martha Pincoffs is well-respected leader in the central Texas local food and farming community. In 2011, Martha leveraged her training as a professional chef to start Hot Dang Burgers, bringing healthy food to market. From its beginnings at a local farmer’s market to its current availability in grocery stores nationwide, Hot Dang has always used recognizable ingredients. Working in the food industry taught Martha how our food system need fixing, how improvements can take root on a local scale, and how to harness momentum to grow results. She served as a partner and President of Barrel Creek Provisions, formerly Hat Creek Provisions. Martha helped grow Barrel Creek from a concept into a successful brand with a commitment to locally sourced delicious vegetables.  Beyond the food industry, Martha’s commitment to community blends the lines between work, play, and activism. She’s the founder of the 30 at Home cooking challenge and a founding member of the We Believe movement bringing attention to a systemic failure in Austin when it comes to delivering justice to victims of sexual assault. She serves on the board for Jolt Initiative, St Andrew’s Episcopal School, the Texas Center for Local Food, and the Sustainable Food Center.