It’s been a year since the public launch of We’ve achieved so much together in our first year of operations, and we’re celebrating:

  • 443 students served
  • 8 courses delivered with closed captions and Spanish subtitles
  • 13 collaborators
  • 42 content contributors
  • 4.6 star rating is available through any Internet-capable phone, laptop, or desktop, 24/7. The courses are accessible for most learning types; they include closed captions, Spanish subtitles, and screen-reader-friendly downloadable activities and worksheets. is a Team Effort

Along with the Texas Center for Local Food, 13 collaborating organizations, and 42 content contributors share their experiences in the field of food and marketing.

Free for a Limited Time!

8 courses are free for a limited time. Enroll today!

Celebrate with Us!

Help us build a robust local food system in Texas and sustain this one-of-a-kind learning platform.

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