Sanger, a small town in Denton County, is not what most folks picture when they hear the term “food desert.” That phrase connotes big cities, not small towns–especially in Denton County with its many food producers: farmers, ranchers, bakers, and other small food businesses.

But despite these numerous producers, Sanger doesn’t have a grocery store with consistent access to fresh produce. And many of the choices that do exist are national chains, which funnel money out of the community and away from small businesses.

Amber Whitworth-Spigner and a team of volunteers started the Downtown Sanger Farmers Market in 2022 to help alleviate both problems. They aim to support small food producers and the Sanger community. “This market was inspired by the people who will stand in the cold and in the rain to support their families and keep the food on the table no matter what the circumstances,” Amber said. 

Even though they’re all volunteers and no one is getting paid for this work, the market team continues to identify needs in the community and expand the work that they’re doing in response.

The Downtown Sanger market is open every other weekend on both Saturdays and Sundays with varying hours to make sure as many folks as possible can make it to the market, rather than the usual Saturday-morning-only model. 

The market is also going to start accepting SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) when they reopen for the season in March–another initiative to make sure as many Sanger residents as possible can take advantage of what the market has to offer. Amber and her husband are also working to start a second market in Valley View, another community with low food access.

“We want to be there for the community,” Amber said. “Having a place in town to shop locally-made or locally-grown items is a privilege that not many have.”

The Downtown Sanger Farmers Market market brings farmers, ranchers, and local producers together with local consumers of the Sanger and surrounding communities. The market is open the first and third weekends of the month from mid-March through early December, on Saturdays from 9 AM-1 PM and on Sundays from 10 AM-2 PM. 

The 2024 market season opens on March 16–click here for more details!

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