Happy Birthday TXFED.org! After the 2nd year, TXFED.org has more than 1,000 students and 15 courses with an average 4.6 stars rating!  In collaboration with 13 organizations that serve Texas producers, and 75 content contributors sharing their expert insights, there is no other platform of its kind. In our 2nd year, TXFED.org released 7 exciting new courses, piloted our first community group, and created our first custom course bundle. 

Learn more and check out the TXFED Year 2 Report

TXFED.org is available on any device, anywhere, anytime and is accessible for most learning types. All courses include closed captions, Spanish subtitles, and screen-reader friendly downloadable activities. The courses are free for a limited time, so enroll today at TXFED.org

You can send TXFED a birthday gift at TexasLocalFood.org/Donate!

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